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Get Orlando's book from the University of Nebraska Press that gives a reader friendly and fact-filled historical account on why the U.S. Congress is Broken.


"... this book is a welcomed and thoughtful contribution to the debate on political representation."Thomas J. Vicino, Ph.D., Political Science Quarterly

"If you buy Rodriguez's claims, relying on voter turnout instead could give states an incentive to maximize voter turnout, reduce disenfranchisement and draw competitive legislative districts to draw in moderate voters. And it's pretty hard to argue against at least taking a closer look at a method of determining House seats that might do that."

- mytwocensus.com

"Once in a while there is a book that hits you in the face and forces you to question accepted assumptions." - Estela Lopez, The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Orlando Rodriguez has a B.S. in geology and an M.A. in geographic information systems.  He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador.  Orlando has been analyzing socioeconomics and demographics for nearly 15 years at the University of Connecticut, Connecticut Voices for Children, and the Connecticut legislature.  He has testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and provided expert testimony in federal court.  His uncommon combination of technical skills, education, and professional experience provide a broad (and sometimes unique) analytical perspective.