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Congressional districts (U.S. House of Representatives) are drawn so all districts within a state have an equal population of residents.  While well intentioned, this does not result in true equal representation among voters.  My analysis shows how the political influence of each vote varies significantly between the fifty states because of varying levels of voter participation and the different number of non-voting residents.

African Americans (age 18+) in the

Northern Jury District of Vermont

In northern Vermont, the African American (AA) population is concentrated in a few towns (Burlington, Kirby, Montpelier, Northfield, Plainfield, South Burlington and Winooski).  My analysis for the U.S. District Court of Vermont found that the current method of jury selection could skip over African American surnames and thereby reduce the probability of African Americans being randomly selected for jury selection.

"Mr. Rodriguez also criticized Vermont's method of systematic random selection of names to fill the master wheel. The jury administrator prepares a list of towns in alphabetical order with the registered voters listed alphabetically by surname. Every nth name is selected from the list, provided that two names must be selected from each town. If Vermont's African American population is clustered in a few towns, and bear a relatively small number of surnames, there may be clusters of African American voters with the same surname who are skipped entirely, or one chosen and the rest effectively excluded. The Defendants urge us to select prospective jurors from a completely randomly generated list." -OPINION and ORDER from WILLIAM K. SESSIONS III, Chief Judge and J. GARVAN MURTHA, District Judge, August 5th, 2008 

Some of Us Have More Political Representation than Others


This analysis of congressional apportionment shows that the country's changing demographics are concentrating congressional representation in states with high population growth but low voter participation. This is due in part to the concentration of undocumented residents in a handful of states including Arizona, California, Georgia, and Texas. 

Data Sources: Census 2000 vs presidential election votes in 2000.

Jury District
Census Tract

Data Source: Census 2000

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African American Population in Census Tracts in Northern Jury District

How Congressional Representation Would Have Changed in 2000 If Voters Had Been Counted for Congressional Apportionment